I discovered that there are a bunch of individuals who share this health problem which there are a great deal of sources available on the WWW for this disease. After some time I reached considering starting my own site concerning Bipolar Disorder. Over the years this site has actually undergone lots of modifications. A bunch of right stuff from the very early years is gone (shed throughout a serious manic period where I obtained depressed and also erased a lot of data without any data backups … doh!). I keep browsing every one of my hard drives as well as maybe one day I will certainly obtain lucky and also find a data backup of those shed documents. It is my wish to develop and also maintain a place where others feel safe to reveal their thoughts as well as worries and also to discuss experiences and information with others.

Welcome to my world, Manic Moments: A Bipolar’s World. My name is Gregory Kuhn and also I started this website on April of 1999 throughout one of my manic minutes … hence the name. I was diagnosed in 1995 as having Bipolar Disorder I. During the complying with years of therapy and also treatment I started really feeling relief that my screwed up life was not just as a result of my own stupidty or failure as a human. The Webmaster Knowing why I behave like I do and also why I constantly felt out-of-place around the world was a huge relief for me. Still I really felt out-of-place and also once I got a computer system as well as Internet access I began doing some seeking for others like myself.

Having Bipolar Disorder does not imply that life ends. Somehow Bipolar Disorder has advantages. Many people who have Bipolar Disorder are imaginative, have a high degree of knowledge and also level of sensitivity to the sensations of others … and also we have some excellent firm;

Buzz Aldrin, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ted Turner, Ned Beatty, Ernest Hemingway, Abbie Hoffman, Robert Boorstin, Charley Pride, Virginia Woolf, Francis Ford Coppola are just a few of the many well-known characters with Bipolar Disorder. One more instance of the Bipolar Mind is this internet site. I never went to institution to learn about computer systems, rather I try out them and also instruct myself the best ways to do things, like programming this data source driven internet site … fine, I’ll quit boasting … seriously though, a great deal of people with Bipolar Disorder have a huge amount of talent, yet numerous of us are discarded by society considering that it does unknown who to manage us … too bad … fantastic loss.