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Manic Moments Support Mailing List

The Manic Moments Bipolar Support Mailing List is a mailing list that allows a subscriber to post a message that will then be transmitted to all subscribers. The subscribers can, at their option respond to the message. It is open to anyone seeking a supportive, caring a friendly environment and to those who are interested in learning more about Bipolar Disorder for their loved one(s) who have Bipolar Disorder


The Chatroom requires a valid account and is intended to be used by people to meet others, engage in friendly conversation and to share their experiences with Bipolar Disorder with others.

The Chatroom requires that you have Java enabled on your web browser and that you are logged in to your account.


The Forum is a discussion board and offer several different categories. Within these categories are forums where you can post new topics or reply to current topics.

Anyone may view the forum posts, but you will need to login before you can post or reply.

Journals (Currently Offline)